Dubai, UAE, April 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The NFT world is currently an abstract space where people make transactions behind the scenes without bonding with enthusiasts of like minds. Instead, it should be a community where more value is given to the creator’s talents and where NFT collectors get more value for their holdings, beyond just speculations.

Utility NFT Coin marketplace is an integrative platform wherein NFT creators and enthusiasts buy and sell NFTs. Utility NFT marketplace will be first of a kind de-fi social marketplace where NFT artists and buyers can post, share and comment on various NFT’s thereby deriving a social and a utility value for it. The platform shall also contain features such a follow artists, group chats, group shout-outs, etc to help creators pump the value of their NFTs. The platform also functions as an augmented marketplace where artists of niches can tokenise their content and earn economic value! The Utility Coin NFT marketplace integrates features that enable users to make seamless transactions. Participants can Create NFT with NFTcreate, Purchase NFT, NFT SWAP, and NFT Staking.

Imagine a NFT world, where every NFT is given an intrinsic value by deriving a utility for it. That’s the concept of Utility NFT Coin (UNC). The utility NFT coin network is governed by UND token, and UNC acts as the utility token across the NFT ecosystem of Utility NFT token.

UNC private sale is live now. Investors can participate in private sale until April 25th. UNC already thrives with an active enthusiastic community willing to take UNC to next level.

Join the UNC Whitelist: Be first in line for the truly decentralised NFT movement!

When you mint UNC, you are instantly eligible to enter the meta-verse in the P2E (play to earn) GameFi experience. All participants will be eligible for UNC (Utility NFT Coin) on Pinksale! The first project on multi-network to empower creators, holders, and the ecosystem. Mint UNC NFT, and you will be able to stake the UNC NFT against USDT rewards in UNC Dex (

Private sale & presale will be held on the Pinksale launchpad. To get whitelisted, investors must mint a minimum of 1 NFT UNC Coin in each wallet. 

To participate in private sale, Log-on to: 

Utility NFT Coin

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