A myriad of companies and studios have attempted to meld NFTs with video games, often to little or no success. Surprisingly, one prominent example of NFTs and blockchain tech in video games has been Minecraft, due to the efforts of third-party creators and the generally open nature of Minecraft. This short-lived era is coming to an end, however, as Mojang Studios is taking a stance against the controversial technologies in its Minecraft ecosystem.

Blockchain and NFTs are being banned from Minecraft, and the resulting reactions to the announcement from Mojang Studios have been predictably mixed. The wider Minecraft community active online appears to fully support the decision to nix NFTs from Minecraft, while those who still praise the apparent benefits of the technology have accused Mojang Studios of harming Minecraft creators. On the other hand, the vast majority of Minecraft players, who are likely unaware of the existence of NFTs in the first place, won’t be affected in any way by Mojang Studios’ decision.

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