Tokyo, Japan, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Since NFT became the top keyword in 2021, NFT is being applied in each industry field. The NFT boom, which started with digital art in early 2021, has created a genre called “Play to Earn” in the fields of sports and games with the increase of various collectable NFTs.  Now, many game companies are jumping into the NFT market.  NFT has recently created numerous use cases. NFT fever is also hot in the luxury market. As for NFT use cases that have recently emerged, entertainment and real estate are also creating NFT-applied services. The fashion industry can benefit tremendously from blockchain-based NFT technology. This not only helps consumers to digitally verify the ownership information of their items and accessories, but also greatly eliminates the risk of counterfeit fraud.

In this way, interest in NFTs is increasing explosively in all industries, but the developed services are not much compared to the interest. One of the biggest causes is the developer problem of NFT.  In order to develop the NFT field, it is necessary to understand languages ​​such as “solidity” and “go language” used in the block chain. However, the language used in the existing industry does not include a language for the development of such a block chain. In the end, in order to develop a blockchain, a developer must study the blockchain language separately. The problem is that the current global demand for developers is so high that developers are reluctant to study the blockchain language to enter the blockchain field. Because of this problem, the number of developers who can develop NFTs is still quite limited.

For this easy development of NFT, Star Net started to provide “NFT site free construction service”. If anyone wants to convert the provided service into NFT and provide the service, Star Net’s “NFT site free construction service” can be used to provide the service. Users can start an NFT conversion service by putting one or two simple Star Net codes in the site already provided. Alternatively, users can start the service by asking Star Net to develop a free NFT site. Already over 30,000 users worldwide are using this Star Net Free NFT converting service.

Star Net is an OS that can operate NFT. As many apps can provide services on iOS or Android, many DApps that provide NFT services can develop NFTs using Star Net. Star Net is a Layer 2 mainnet only for NFTs compatible with Ethereum.

Although other mainnets were created for cryptocurrency trading, Star Net was created for digital asset trading, so if you plan to provide NFT services, it is efficient to get help from Star Net. Star Net is located in Tokyo, Japan, and is a mainnet that provides a total solution of NFT such as fast speed and free NFT conversion service, free NFT site construction service, and NFT dedicated server service.

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