AUSTIN, Texas, March 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Next week at SXSW 2022, SandStorm, the world’s largest weekly metaverse event, will debut its live platform and NFT marketplace on Polygon and Ethereum, which will connect the world’s leading brands with the top builders in the metaverse. The project will enable brands that have little or no metaverse presence to search hundreds of verified builders, explore what’s possible for their business, and establish their virtual footprint in Web3. In addition, SandStorm also offers a white glove service to bring brands into the metaverse and build experiences for them within The Sandbox and other metaverses. SandStorm will be the first platform to match leading builders with eager brands and bridge the education gap on what is possible in the metaverse. As brands like Walmart, Adidas, Disney, Ubisoft, JPMorgan, and dozens of others enter the metaverse each month, SandStorm aims to be the most trusted platform for both large and small brands across multiple strategic verticals. These verticals will be featured in the beta platform, set to launch at this year’s SXSW interactive exhibition.

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“As a growing number of brands are entering the Metaverse through The Sandbox, we’re seeing an increased need for a platform to connect them to Builders, Agencies, Architects, Designers, Community Managers and thousands of providers in this open ecosystem. We’re thrilled to invest into the SandStorm platform, which offers a decentralized solution for matching these needs and additionally providing visibility to projects through meetups and social events in the Metaverse,” said Sebastien BORGET Co-founder & COO of The Sandbox.

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The layer 2 technology behind the beta platform seeks to make it possible for builders to mint their best NFTs in VOX and VXM file formats for fractions of a penny. Unlike other NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, or Rarible, which support art, trading cards, and many different categories, SandStorm’s focus is exclusively on metaverse ready NFTs. SandStorm was the first group to live stream five times per week, directly from their marketplace, providing brands a new way to gain exposure in the metaverse.

“We’ve seen metaverse builders mint everything from skyscrapers and avatars to custom headphones on the platform already. We’re hyper focused on the one of one NFTs that take creators weeks to construct. We’re not interested in the 1,000+ collections.” Said Steve McGarry CEO of SandStorm

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The Backers

SandStorm closed their $2.5 million seed round this week from an all-star roster of strategic Web3 investors including, the Founder of Sandbox Sebastien Borget, Fenbushi Capital, Sanctor Capital, The Sandbox, Rarestone Capital, Umbrella Network, MetaStreet, Momentum6, Kerve Capital, GBV Capital, and Bitscale Capital, GrowYourBase, and Youbi Capital. In addition to key investors, they’ve forged partnerships with The Sandbox, CyberKongz, vEmpire, and a handful of other Metaverse heavy hitters.

“We’re thrilled to announce our $2.5 million seed round from all-star investors and launch our beta platform at SXSW this year. There has been an overwhelming demand from the NFT community as we’ve grown organically to reach over 3 million people each month pre-launch. That said, we have 50 brands along with over 500 builders lined up to get verified and we’re ready to give the NFT community what they’ve asked for.”– said McGarry

The Builder Program

Each month since October 2021, SandStorm hosts a contest for builders to showcase their talent. The Builder Program allows partnered brands to choose a theme and builders are invited to create and submit their NFTs. Each submission has the chance to win a monthly prize and to be featured on the SandStorm official Sandbox Marketplace collection, once voted on by the community. SandStorm has teamed up with The Sandbox to distribute a whopping 10,000 SAND ($50,000 USD) each month to the winners of their popular builder competition. Through this program builders can mint their creations on the platform and have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get their best work in front of top brands entering the metaverse.

If you are a business interested in a self-service platform or a full-service option for entering the metaverse, learn more here:

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