Samsung has partnered with an an online auction site to help NFT enthusiasts store their digital artwork

The ‘Nifty Gateway’ is integrated with Samsung’s NFT platform, which lets viewers browse through a collection of non-fungible tokens through their screens.

The auction site will also have an app on Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ and Micro LED TVs.

Samsung says the devices will “use the settings for a faithful rendering of the artist’s intentions”.

When viewers buy an NFT, the TV is expected to enter Ambient Mode, and display artwork from a curated gallery.

“Nifty Gateway’s mission is to bring NFTs to a billion people by empowering creators and simplifying the way customers buy, sell, create, and hold NFTs,” says the company’s co-founder Duncan Cock.

“We are committed to making NFTs accessible and NFT purchasing more seamless than ever before.”


The Nifty Gateway is a platform owned by the Winklevoss twins

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