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Trailer: Ragnarok – Powered by MasterBrews


What is the project’s launch date?

2nd/3rd week of April 2022


How did you come up with the ideas?
As anyone who has followed our projects for the past year knows, we are a team who loves to innovate and push boundaries and explore new ideas.

Originally, we had planned to do “SolHalla” as a Norse Mythology PFP project with our artist RIOTG3AR on Solana, but due to our experiences there and feeling the market was not quite right for us, we decided to bring it back to Ethereum.

We started exploring mini-games for utility, such as our own custom take on Norse dice and runestone games and the idea grew into a full-fledged battle tournament system, with a token, multiple seasons where we will include other artists, mechanics and themes, and the ability to offer it to other communities seeking to add value to their holders.


What Makes this project unique?
From a technical perspective, we will be employing some deep, deep gas optimizations playing with bitmaps and memory allocation that few other projects have explored. Other than minimal gas fees to mint, and some when they wish to cash their accrued RROK tokens out, there will be no fees for our users to pay for matchmaking, determining battle results, making mid-round decisions and so forth. Rounds will be triggered by the team and all per-round gas costs paid for by the team directly. Everything will be 100% verifiable and fully on-chain.

Another item which we feel sets this type of on-chain game apart, is, the team will be providing immediate liquidity in the amount of $200,000 USD. Players will be able to cash out and have real liquidity at any point, which lowers their risk. Our tokenomics expert, Dr. BouMa, has spent close to two months perfecting the long-term sustainability formula which we are confident will retain interest and buying pressure in a sensible format over the course of our first eight seasons and beyond.

Finally, every detail was made with the holder in mind. Even our Whitelist or Free Mint tokens are fantastic pieces of art, which we airdrop at our own expense to their owners; we have also initiated an automatic burn during mint, saving them the extra cost or potential approval transaction.

How Big is the team and what are their roles?

The Masterbrews team totals 14 at the moment, and everyone is a key player, from our tech team to tokenomics expert to designers and community management team. Additionally, we are joined by Tim Jooste (Koin Games) in an Advisory role. RIOTG3AR is our Season One Artist, while V.VIZ contributed the Whitelist Runestone artwork.



What is the price?
Season One mints will go for 0.075 ETH each. Every season thereafter, will mint 75,000 RROK or the equivalent +20% in ETH based on market value at that time. This is but one way in which we encourage positive demand for RROK.


Why is that price fair?
While we have seen numerous projects start coming out at 0.10 or 0.15 or 0.20 as of late, we feel that 0.075 ETH is the right “sweet spot” for entry. We want to be affordable to all. Given the opportunities to win serious money, the fantastic artwork, daily giveaways and prizes in our Discord’s Valhalla Lounge for “fallen warriors”, a ⅛ chance of entry to our Night of Champions and more; there is a LOT of value packed in for your ETH here.


What is the Mint Size?

There will be 4,096 total warriors available to mint. They will be divided into 8 Factions, each with 512 quantity. The mint is NOT random, in that you actually get to choose your favorite faction to mint from – or mix-and-match how you see fit !


Are there any mechanics we should know about?
As far as the token goes, we will be offering DeFi standard time-locked staking (ie. earn an APY %). Starting with Season Two, we also plan to introduce Peer-to-Peer Wagering on battles and maybe some side prop bets. Other Mini-Games are also on our list as a way to keep things fresh and interest high.

The core gameplay mechanics are automated, in the matchmaking itself and determination of battle results. However, players do have one choice to make between rounds: are they willing to risk their loser’s purse in exchange for their God’s Blessing (which offers a 5% edge in battle)?

Links to creative we can use on the website
Likely best to ask us for what you need exactly as we have a wide variety from character videos to actual warriors, to the Gods themselves.


What happens if Season One doesn’t mint out?
This is a great question. The tournament structure is built to have an exact number, divisible evenly all the way down to a lone Champion. While our team is confident in our efforts to achieve an organic sell-out, we do have a few contingency plans in place should we fall short. Some options include, but are not limited to, airdropping unminted warriors to holders; boosting our marketing budget and spend; cutting a round off completely. We will NOT be using a “BYE” system as we feel it takes away from the fun and overall experience.


What about the Gods (Faction Leaders) themselves?
These are special 1/1 NFTs which will be awarded as a bonus prize to the Final 8 warriors. If only one warrior of that Faction type exists in the Final 8, they will receive their God. If multiple have made it from the same Faction, who gets which will be randomized. Aside from being amazing pieces of art, these Gods will have special utility (which is being finalized and is unannounced at this time).


What is the “Night of Champions”?

The culmination of Seasons 1-8 is the Night of Champions. This very special tournament will be entirely made up of the winning factions from the first eight seasons, with automatic entry at no cost to the holder and guaranteed prizes for every single warrior. The prize pool is built up from a % of all mint fees and reincarnation fees of all previous seasons, as well as some special surprises the team may add to the pool. So, even if your warrior falls in the very first round of Season One, you still have a shot to enter the NoC should your faction prevail. Cheer them on!


What is Reincarnation?
In the event your warrior is not part of the winning warrior’s in any given season, you will have a window of time to opt to “reincarnate” them for a fee of 50,000 RROK. This will guarantee you a random mint in the upcoming season (where the fee to a new minter is 75,000 RROK). The 50,000 RROK paid will contribute to the prize pool of that season, staking rewards and the NoC. This is but one way we wish to reward holders who follow us on this journey from season to season, by saving them money and guaranteeing their mint.


Are the Upcoming Seasons Already Planned out?
We have a lot of ideas, as well as interested Artists, but we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves. It is heavily expected that Season Two will feature a Dystopian Anime theme in the unique style of Kenyan artist Warren Magara and Season Three is looking like a 3D twist on Greek Mythology, a personal favorite of ours, by Cambodian artist V.VIZ. Every season will present new mechanics, twists and turns.

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