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Overall rating


2.5% normal NFTs, 5% gasless NFTs, and 10% printable NFTs

Investment Types

NFTs (supports wallets through MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Rainbow)


2.5% normal NFTs, 5% gasless NFTs, and 10% printable NFTs

Investment Types

NFTs (supports wallets through MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Rainbow)


  • No fees to mint (create) NFTs
  • Creators can set any royalties rate they want
  • Mintable pro gives you access to advertising tools, custom stores, and 24/7 customer service
  • Beginners can use Mintable Academy to read educational articles about NFTs and more

  • No other blockchain support besides ethereum
  • Limited selection of supported crypto wallets
  • High marketplace fees

More Information

  • Promotion: None at this time.

Is Mintable right for you?

Founded in 2018, Mintable is an NFT marketplace that serves two key purposes: (1) it allows NFT creators to mint (also known as creating/adding NFTs to the blockchain) NFTs and list them for sale, and (2) it gives collectors a platform to browse and purchase original NFTs and/or purchase and resell them on the secondary market.

The platform offers thousands of NFTs, with a vast array of categories for collectors to choose from.

How does Mintable compare?

Mintable, Foundation, and OpenSea all cater to NFT creators and collectors, but the platforms differ when it comes to fees, features, and supported blockchains/wallets.

Foundation offers more than 177,000 NFTs, but, unlike Mintable, its royalty rate for creators is capped at 10%. Plus, the platform doesn’t give creators a gas-free minting option. OpenSea also has a 10% royalty cap, but it somewhat resembles Mintable since it waives upfront gas costs for creators.

Ways to invest with Mintable

As with all NFT platforms, Mintable serves both creators and collectors. The platform only allows for minting (or creating and listing NFTs) through the ethereum blockchain, but it offers a gas-free minting option that lets creators skip out on the costs associated (gas fees) with listing a digital item to the marketplace. 

When it comes to gas-free NFTs, Mintable takes a 5% marketplace fee from the total sales price. However, its two other options — printable NFTs and traditional NFTs — have gas fees. Mintable takes a 10% marketplace fee on printable NFT transactions and a 2.5% fee for traditional NFT transactions.

If you’re a collector, you’ll have access to more than 9,300 collections, including art, music, videos, collectibles, sports, and utility NFTs. You can also purchase and resell NFTs on the secondary market. This allows the original creators to earn royalties (usually 5-10%, though creators can set whatever royalty percentage they’d like, according to Mintable).

Newcomers might also benefit from Mintable’s vast suite of educational resources, including Seller’s University (a compilation of videos on all things crypto), and Mintable editorial, its library of NFT blogs and guides. Plus, with Mintable Pro, creators can access both 24/7 customer support and more advertising tools for their NFT(s).

As for crypto wallets, Mintable supports MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Rainbow, amongst others.

Is Mintable trustworthy?

Personal Finance Insider assesses trustworthiness by reviewing each investment platform’s Better Business Bureau profile, but Mintable doesn’t have a profile at this time. BBB ratings generally reflect the bureau’s opinion of how well a company interacts with its customers.

But although Mintable doesn’t have a profile, it’s nonetheless important to do your due diligence before setting up an account with any investment platform. 

Mintable — Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is Mintable free?

Mintable offers a gas fee-free option for creators who want to mint NFTs, but it takes a 5% marketplace fee on sales for gasless NFTs. When it comes to normal NFTs, Mintable deducts a 2.5% marketplace fee. 

Mintable takes a 10% marketplace fee for printable NFTs.

How is Mintable gasless?

With Mintable’s gas-free option, creators can skip out on paying fees to mint NFTs and list them for sale. Buyers won’t have to pick up the gas costs, and the transactions are emission-free and harmless to the environment on both sides, according to Mintable.

What blockchain is Mintable?

Mintable relies solely on the ethereum blockchain for all of its NFT transactions. This is common among many NFT platforms, but some, like OpenSea, support additional blockchains like polygon and klatyn.

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