APEX, N.C., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Niftorian NFT project today announced the 14 artists in class number one of the world’s first NFT Artist Accelerator. The accelerator is based on the model popularized for helping accelerate the development of tech startups but modified to focus strictly on helping artists successfully launch NFT projects. Niftorian also announced today that it is accepting applications for class number two of the accelerator which will kick off in May 2022. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis so early entry is likely to increase chances of admittance.

“NFT projects resemble small businesses or new product launches more than the gallery shows that artists are accustomed to. There are so many variables to account for, new technology and collector expectations, and many are outside of artists’ expertise. The Niftorian NFT Artist Accelerator helps artists fill their gaps in knowledge and connections to improve the impact and success of their NFT art projects,” said Niftorian co-founder, Bret Kinsella. “This is similar to the challenge that many software engineers face when launching their first company. They need to learn how to fill requirements for business success beyond the technology. Tech startup accelerators wound up being a great model for helping artists in the NFT market.”

Josh Scott (aka ScoJo on social media), is an artist, designer, creative director, and Niftorian co-founder. He commented, “As an artist, my first encounter with the NFT world was a mix of excitement and confusion. There is tremendous upside and opportunities are plentiful but there is also a lot to learn and there is no map to navigate terrain shrouded in a thick mist. What marketplace should I list on? Or, should I do it from my own website? How should I price my collection? What utility, if any, should I promise? How do I create a smart contract? Do I need developers? Is a Discord necessary? There are so many questions. I learned a lot as a collector in 2021 but the accelerator was conceived to fill all of the gaps and help artists really seize this opportunity.”

About the Niftorian NFT Accelerator Artists

The artists in the accelerator space 15 time Zones from Mauritius to British Columbia. Some are early in their career and others include a NY Emmy Winner and the person who first developed the concept of Techspressionism. It’s an eclectic mix of artists and two non-artists all working towards a common goal. Learn more about the accelerator and the artists here including:

Amir Browder, Gavin Django Farrell, Colin Goldberg, Renata Janiszewska, Alex Leyva, Alex Maceda, Tommy Mintiz, Carmen Moses, Linton Nkambule, Scott Oppenheim, Kevin Pederson, Mac Premo, Jeff Pulver, Eloise Robbertze.


About the Niftorian NFT Accelerator

“NFTs require a combination of art, marketing, and technical skills to succeed. Most people in the NFT space have one or more of these but not all three. The Niftorian NFT Artist Accelerator is designed to help artists fill in the gaps and set them up for long-term success in the space. It’s rewarding to see so much progress by the artists after just a couple of weeks,” said Niftorian project co-founder Roger Kibbe.

Michal Stanlislawk, Niftorian co-founder and developer (aka xmstan on social media) added, “We are placing a big emphasis on the tech, community building, and the basics of building the business behind a sustainable NFT initiative. The nuances of smart contracts, marketplaces, building your Discord, and getting the legal right are easy to overlook. It’s about sharing what we’ve learned and bringing in experts that can share at an even deeper level.”

How to Apply to the Niftorian NFT Accelerator

We are now accepting applications for the second class of the world’s leading NFT Artist Accelerator. This program is open to everyone and there is no cost to participate. It is designed for artists but we also reserve one or two spots in each class for non-artist creators. So, feel free to apply if you have an NFT project idea and would like to amplify your efforts.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/zvfcXvrrqv6ZDuSY6

About Niftorian NFT

Niftorian is an artist-focused NFT project designed to help 10,000 creatives take control of their careers through the rise of NFTs and Web3. It is also a welcoming community for collectors that want to deepen their knowledge and have early access to a robust pipeline of up-and-coming NFT talent before these artist-innovators become household names. Motivated by the insight that NFTs represent a learn-by-doing market, Niftorian provides a range of utility for artists and collectors alike enabling them to accelerate their learning, take advantage of new opportunities, and elevate their success.

Media Contact

Bret Kinsella, Creatorious, 1 2025560228, [email protected]


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