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We are building a media ecosystem that is about trustless ownership and transparent ledger technology that allows content creators and owners alike to get fair revenues for their copyrights”

— Umesh Perera

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 11, 2022 / — The platform allows users to buy and own shares in copyrights and intellectual property, including 15 real album masters from rock and pop icons, while earning rewards from their royalties.

The platform is also designed to support new artists and empower independent talent to gain exposure and generate direct income streams from selling shares in their unique creations and capturing the royalties they deserve.

Ahead of the full launch in December (22) has gone live putting the ownership of such greats as Michael Jackson, Metallica, Beastie Boys, Madonna, Bob Marley, Nirvana, The Doors at the fingertips of a thousand invited influencers, blockchain, and NFT analysts, music fans and media.

Through the RightsMint platform, users can purchase a share of intellectual property directly from owners, including music, video, and gaming assets, and receive royalties for the assets once they have been acquired.

The platform is owned and created by global technology and media company, Ayozat, and will also feature a marketplace where users can trade their shares peer to peer.

Copyright owners will be able to host an Initial Media Offering (IMO), where a digital smart contract in the form of a master NFT is created as a certificate of ownership. The master NFT will be divided into shares, which will each be represented by child NFTs, which will serve as share certificates that users can purchase and own.

On launch, will be hosted on the Solana blockchain with plans to move it to multi-chain in 2023. Ayozat and RightsMint founder, Umesh Perera, commented “Being both content creators and owners, Ayozat has seen many issues and problems in how media assets are monetized and used, leading to owners getting less revenue and control of their media.”

“These types of copyrights are generally seen as stable and always giving a return. What better way of bringing real-world assets on the chain.”

“We are building a media ecosystem that is about trustless ownership and transparent ledger technology that allows content creators and owners alike to get fair revenues for their copyrights and therefore a true valuation on their worth.”

The RightsMint platform will utilize Ayozat’s network and distribution infrastructure to maximize the copyright revenue with deep tracking across all platforms, TV, and media usage.

While allows users to trade in existing IP and copyrights, it also includes features directed at new up-and-coming artists and content creators, with the aim of providing them with an opportunity to launch and monetise themselves. will also support these artists and content creators by opening wide distribution and revenue-generating opportunities through its parent, Ayozat.

Umesh added: “With we plan to truly disrupt the media copyright sector. New artists and creators can concentrate on what they do best, being the CEO of their own brand, while and Ayozat can concentrate on distributing and monetising their work.”

“It’s worth noting that when you list on and users buy shares, you gain new fans instantly who will watch, listen, like and share your assets but more importantly, who have a vested financial interest in your success, now that’s powerful.” also plans to launch several index pools to offer wider opportunities to users as well as a grant system to properly support content creators and artists throughout their journey.


For more information or media interviews with creator Umesh Perera please contact Karl Plunkett at KBA PR on 07736 776 660 or [email protected]

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