Cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFT marketing agency Lunar Strategy put its money where its mouth is today by releasing its own services as a micro NFT collection on the Open Sea NFT marketplace. The collection features six service NFTs which, once purchased, can be used to engage the agency’s services.

“Releasing the NFTs was an obvious strategy for us. We want to show the world what we do and as the saying goes, showing is better than telling. We have chosen to release a number of NFTs which showcase a lot of the work we do here at Lunar Strategy. Each NFT includes one month of relevant services, and we’ve also created a rogue’s gallery featuring 8 bit art works of key members of our team. Although, we should probably say right now you don’t actually get to own the team.” Jack Haldorsson, Lunar Strategy.

The Lunar Strategy collection includes NFT services like crypto community management, social media management, influencer marketing management, public relations, paid ads, social media content, and more.

Purchasing the NFTs unlocks an introduction call from the Lunar Strategy team and each NFT comes with one full month of service included in the price. The NFTs are essentially a full month’s worth of service from the innovative marketing company, although it’s unclear what, if any function the NFTs would deliver if resold to a second buyer.

Lunar strategy has also released pixel art versions of key Lunar team members, but as Jack said, owning the artwork doesn’t include the actual team member, which is a shame. After all, who wouldn’t want a little Daftpunk Shann Holberg or Juiletta Osa around the office? Ownership issues aside, you can visit the team in Lunar’s own virtual gallery and see them all as the artist intended.

Adding functionality to NFTs is not a new idea. In the past NFTs have been used for proof of membership, adding power-ups to video games, and even as a way of accessing streaming content, but Lunar’s collection could be the first time an organisation has offered their own services in the form of a digital token. Time will tell if the clever strategy pays off, but one thing is for certain, Lunar Strategy has proven it knows its way around NFT marketing.

The Lunar Strategy NFT release is available now on Open Sea and it’s not the first time the forward thinking Lunar Strategy has made headlines this month. Just last week, co-founder Jack Haldorsson authored the company’s first blockchain guidebook.

The Only Guide You Need for NFT and Crypto Marketing is available now on Amazon and is described as the most comprehensive NFT and crypto marketing guide out there. Since its launch the book has picked up some rave reviews and now there’s even talk of a sequel too. 

To find out more about Lunar Strategy, their new collection, Jack Haldorsson, or The Only Guide You Need for NFT and Crypto Marketing check out their website here .


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