OneOf is launching an official NFT collection in celebration of the GRAMMY Awards today with a free NFT that features a single “golden ticket” for an all-inclusive travel stipend for two to the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards April 3 in Las Vegas.    

Over the next three weeks the GRAMMY collections will feature digital works created by three rising NFT artists that highlight OneOf’s mission to support women and POC in the Web3 space. Each artist will create a series of limited-edition collectible works inspired by the GRAMMY Awards. 

The artists are: ThankYouX, the internationally celebrated artist who started on the streets of LA and has exhibited paintings and sculptures in museums around the world; Emonee LaRussa, a two-time Emmy-winning director and animator that has worked with Kanye West, Lil Nas X and Megan Thee Stallion; and Andre Oshea, a 3D animator that has worked with Adult Swim, Snapchat, Tidal, and John Legend.

Each artist will have a week devoted to their drop and will include multiple tiers of rarity.

  • March 7 – Free NFT 
  • March 15 – The Emonee Collection by Emonee LaRussa
  • March 22 – The Andre Collection by Andre Oshea
  • March 29 – ThankYouX Collection 
  • More info here.

• Sydney based NFTMUSIC.STREAM have launched a music streaming app calledSTREAMERwhich incorporates Blockchain­ based NFT distribution.

With Streamer users have a single platform for streaming and downloading music, receiving rewards for their activity, interaction with artists and the buying and selling of NFT MUSIC STREAM Tokens to become music investors.

Artists will have the ability to ‘tokenize’ their music and receive real-time royalties and new revenue streams.

New Web3/Crypto Fund – Michael George, the SB Projects alum who discovered and managed Martin Garrix, Carlo Fox the Co-Founder, os Independent Co, and Brett Kernan, tirst employee at music/tech unicorn Splice), have come together to form a crypto/web3 fund, Wave7

They’ve deployed seven figures of capital into over 35 early stage web3 companies/

Wave7 has invested in consumer applications, protocols, defi platforms, infrastructure and more. Portfolio companies include web3 native community platform, Metalink, leading Solana metaverse, Portals, premier automated market, Saber, music royalty DeFi platform, Opulous, play-to-earn first person shooter Gunzilla, and the social token for India’s TikTok, Chingari, which launched to 40 million monthly active users and others.

Towards the end of 2021, the Wave7 team, alongside Alec Lykken (formerly Interscope and SB Projects), launched a Solana native digital collectible studio, WAGMI Beach. The first sell-out drop, The Catalina Whale Mixer. WAGMI Beach was formed to develop original web3 IP and digital collectibles, powered by the Solana blockchain.

• Billboard, is launching ChartStars, an NFT based project of curated digital collectibles that will leverage the environmentally friendly Flow Blockchain. UMG is the first major launch partner.

ChartStars will be a collection of artist-focused digital artwork that commemorates achievements and milestones on the Billboard Charts. Collecting and gamification are baked in through collector leaderboards, challenges as well as smart contracts, and special access at Billboard Live Events.

The first ChartStars products will be available for purchase in May.

Colyn, the Dutch DJ and Producer known from his collaborations with Armin van Buuren and Tale of Us, is selling royalties to his music as NFTs as the first on the new dutch-founded NFT platform, Digital Renaissance.

When Digital Renaissance launches in Q2 2022, fans and users will be able to buy royalties to some of Colyn’s music as NFTs.

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