It looks like Richard Garriott’s upcoming MMO project has an official name (and has for a while). The upcoming Web 3.0 MMORPG will be named Iron & Magic.

Per a report by PC Gamer (via MOP), the name also has an accompanying domain, complete with videos showing some of the assets potential players can expect to see when they jump in for themselves. Iron & Magic is being billed as an upcoming Web 3.0 MMO that sees players buying plots of land within the world and, ultimately, creating their own dungeons and more through a Roblox-esque design.

In our interview back in April, Garriott and his partner, Todd Porter, described a game where players would enjoy real ownership over their digital goods, selling content the players themselves have created using the tools provided by the team much like we see in Minecraft and Roblox today. Effectively, this would mean the items players create and sell are minted as NFTs, and while core to the process, Garriott told us during the interview that the idea is to create a world first, with the wallet aspect second. However, the website makes it clear one of the major pulls is to “buy land in the realm of Lord British.”

While the website is scant on official details – right now it has a few placeholders for some of the assets players can buy and use in-game, the Twitter profile does have some more shots to share as well, from swamp and desert biomes to an image of an armor shop. We do know that the MMO is going to be fueled by the player creations and player-purchased land plots being built upon, but also what Porter described as “limited multiplayer online aspects” where players can simply go to a pristine slice of the world to adventure and explore. 

You can read our full interview with Garriott and Porter here in case you missed it in April.

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