In December, Michael Jordan announced HEIR, a fan engagement platform on Solana. Launched with his son Jeffrey, Jordan’s company had raised $10 million in seed money, and has now dropped their first collection of NFTs

The use-case is simple: connect fans with their beloved celebrity athletes, and reward them tokens, access, and benefits. Jeron Smith, former Nike brand manager is currently running the HEIR firm, alongside Jordan’s Son Jeffrey. 

HEIR’s first drop, 6 Rings NFTs are inspired by Jordan’s multiple championship rings, won throughout the span of his career. The collection included 5,005 at a price of 2.3 SOL ($221) through the Magic Eden marketplace. The price of each piece was inspired by Jordan’s jersey number. 

Each Rings holder will now become a “founding fan”, and this will provide access to the platform connecting fans to their athletes in “huddles”, smaller communities with limited access to content, AMAs and merch. Rarities will be announced soon through their rarity tool, currently in development. 

HEIR chose to launch and stay within the Solana blockchain due to the lower gas fees, and because of their alignment with the ethos of Solana as a network. While the list of celebrity athletes is yet to be revealed, HEIRs discord makes clear, the platform will be available for athletes of all sorts, from high school to professional levels. 


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