San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The crypto world has attracted a plethora of people, including famous personalities. Crypto assets like NFTs drive gamers, artists, and musicians to showcase their art. These art or music tokens had become prominent platforms for artists globally, especially during the pandemic when conventional channels were on hold. Even though the application of NFTs is quite evident across artists groups, some communities still haven’t entirely accepted NFTs. Bridging this gap and increasing awareness of web3 technologies, and creating a new platform to showcase talent has been the goal of the Puertorican Latin Urban Music artist Castillo La Cone or Celiel Castillo Pimentel.

Castillo La Cone is popular among his followers for his songs – like “Nalgaje,” Lucifer,” and “Tú me entiendes,” among others. However, that’s not all; the artist believes in adopting future technologies and bringing the music world one step closer to the fintech world. Technology and business enthusiast Castillo La Cone is currently working as the director of the mining farms-backed crypto token Aetherius.

The artist’s entry into the fintech world does not mean he is not open to new music projects. A multi-tasker and an independent artist Castillo doesn’t discard signing a record deal in the future.

Castillo explains his multi-tasking skills and balancing his interest in business and music career. He says, “I believe teamwork generates crazy results, and we have seen that with Aetherius Token. So, if I ever have the opportunity to start working with an established record label that can assist in my music career development, I’ll take advantage of it.”

Castillo has been interested in blockchain technology for many years. In 2020 he officially started working in the Web3 space and creating his own music NFTs. His most famous NFT is “Nalgaje,” one he made to begin promoting his music within the blockchain NFT community.

Since the popularity of Nalgaje NFT, Castillo has been on a mission to promote NFT knowledge in the Puertorican music and art community. He is keen on educating artists about blockchain technology and how artists can implement it in music and art.

The artist currently holds Twitter spaces every Friday at 8:00 pm EST with other well-known Latin artists like Latin Billboard award-winning producer Nely “El arma secreta” and Latin Rapper Ele A “El dominio” who’s also working on his own NFT collection.

Explaining the advantage of blockchain and art NFT, Castillo says, “I feel like there are big opportunities for artists in the web3 space, and I want people to take advantage of that. One can accomplish so much, a new way of creating projects was born. It changes the whole concept of music and communities.”

Castillo explains his passion for developing does not limit to business or music and is open to opportunities – “wherever his music or business skills take him.”

Castillo’s music talent is visible in the form of his songs to his followers on various channels. When asked about the secret to the fine balance between his love for music and the business world, he says, “It is essential to understand that relationships are the most important asset.” The artist will be attending The Crypto Expo and AIBC Summit being held in Dubai, UAE, this month to foster relationships with artists and others.

Castillo wants to onboard Latino music artists to Web3 space and assist them in developing their NFT collections. He is currently working on a new Music NFT collection called “Secreto.” Castillo promises a unique collection in the Music NFT space “everyone must-have.” Castillo La Cone’s music is available through all major digital music platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and more.

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