Karafuru NFT is an NFT project incepted from collaboration between Museum of Toys, Urban Sneaker Society, and an Indonesian illustrator WD Willy which has launched 5,555 NFT in 2D style based on 12 characters, crowning Karafuru NFT as the 35th all-time highest transaction volume on OpenSea with more than $100 million in total transaction. In the future, Karafuru NFT will enter collaboration with Hypebeast and Atmos Japan to launch 3D NFT variant through metaverse in the forms of Real-life Art Toys.

Bringing NFT to Life

Since the breakthrough of Ghozali Everyday NFT that generated approximately USD 1 million NFT sales, the Indonesian public has been exposed to the concept and potential of NFT as a valuable digital asset, resulting in massive number of Indonesians now proudly becoming NFT collectors.

Seizing this opportunity, Karafuru NFT aims to further the Indonesian NFT experience by putting together an entertaining offline NFT carnival. “We host Karafuru Carnival to introduce Karafuru characters to the general public. We, Karafuru NFT, may be considered as the biggest Indonesian NFT project to date, but we do not wish to restrict ourselves only to virtual world. As Intellectual Property, we also expect to be renowned through offline means. And this carnival matches with our planned roadmap,” said Jeffry Jouw, Karafuru’s Co-Founder.

Amusing Carnival Activities

Firstly, carnival goers may take aesthetic photos of giant balloons, such as Floating Shi’Rai, Flying Mozu, and Giant Egao, alongside with numerous Karafuru NFT’s cartoon characters at every corner of the establishment. These innovative and decorative attractions have enticed celebgrams and NFT communities who joins in the event with their families.

To ignite the carnival spark, Karafuru Carnival also presents Eating Contest and Cosplay Competition. The Eating Contest has invited participants to quickly shove down nine pieces of spicy chicken wings. Meanwhile, Cosplay Competition is divided into 4 categories: Best Male Cosplayer, Best Female Cosplayer, Best Fabric Costume, and Best Armor Costume.

Asides from watching competitions, visitors may access numerous exciting Carnival Games, including Bulls riding, Hammer Furu, Furu Slingshot, Darts Balloon, Bomb Blaster, and others. By playing Carnival Games, visitors have the chance to get coupons that going to be raffled to win free 2D NFT and 10-slot whitelist to order soon-to-be launched 3D NFT.

Exclusive merchandises, ranging from masks, t-shirts, sticker packs, to Karafuru NFT’s raffle coupons, are available for visitors who manage to accumulate 500 points from Carnival Games at minimum. All these merchandises will be available on Karafuru website https://www.karafuru.io/ and you may purchase Karafuru NFTs on OpenSea via http://opensea.io/collection/karafuru.

Privileges are given for Karafuru NFT’s communities during the carnival, as pointed out by Hadrian Rezanova, Karafuru NFT’s Co-Founder “Holders of Karafuru NFT are able to receive special treatments such as special merchandises only for holders, game vouchers, special discount, as well as priority access to merchant stores and food vouchers which may be redeemed from their VIP Cards.”

For more information about Karafuru Carnival, please visit Karafuru NFT’s Instagram account @karafurunft and Twitter: twitter.com/karafurunft.

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