On Nowruz, the first day of Spring, PolyOne will light up the ancient citadel of Erbil with astounding museum-quality NFT art. Global viewers can live-stream curated creations from PolyOne’s international roster of artists projected onto the citadel’s mud-brick walls, while onsite observers in Erbil’s main square and bustling bazaar below the Citadel can enjoy and discover all kinds of digital creations in this outdoor “museum” of NFT’s. The exhibition will be public and free of charge.

PolyOne presents NFTs from a dynamic and eclectic array of renowned artists from around the globe including Istanbul, Paris, Dubai, New York City, San Francisco, Japan, Germany, India, Russia, Greece, Netherlands, London, Portugal, Canada and more. Launch artists include Average_CPU/ Daphne Alexiadou, Thomas Albos, Alexandre Azevedo, Finn Berenbroek, Children of Eden, Grammy-Nominated singer Ashley Tamar Davis, Saeko Ehara, Yoann De Geetere, Danae Gosset, Ali Hadian, Vartika Jangid, Balkan Karisman, Kynd, Laney La, Lynn Lin, Tomas Loewy, Francesco Misceo, Richard Mourant, Carlos Munnoz, Porkchop, Murat Sayginer, Jeremy Nathan Tisser, Carlo Vega, Jasan Waldura, Amra Faye Wright, Yyork, and more. Fans can follow, engage, browse, buy, collect, and resell these scarce, original, one-of-a-kind NFT works through Polyone.io.  

Watch PolyOne NFT Artist sizzle highlighting incredible launch works here https://vimeo.com/689368223 

Watch NFT Revolution with PolyOne Founder Shawn Emamjomeh here https://vimeo.com/689370348 

Watch PolyOne Erbil Launch sizzle here https://vimeo.com/685676302

With PolyOne, all creators and collectors make a difference. Flexible smart contracts allow film studios, Broadway shows, dance companies, musical groups, designers, or other arts organizations to seamlessly enter this new artistic domain. And its layered-NFT approach peels back and celebrates each art form required for collaborative work. 

PolyOne believes all art tells a story and is affiliated with hundreds of reputable charities. We give back in three ways. PolyOne curates exclusive NFT series to benefit worthy causes. The platform provides creators with the option to dedicate a portion of their own NFT proceeds to causes they champion, making crypto giving easy and rewarding.

One hundred percent of PolyOne net proceeds benefit Global One, a defi lending platform with a mandate to provide financing to private sector companies across a spectrum of sectors. Sponsor companies must meet ESG criteria with projects that elevate the standard of living in our communities or address matters of global concern. Similar to PolyOne, one hundred percent of Global One’s net profits will circulate right back into the organization to further its mission to do good in our world. PolyOne is a Global One initiative. 

PolyOne is a creator-centric, world-class NFT Marketplace that will transform artistic exposure and recognition through a fully scaled e-commerce, regulatory compliant platform. With strategic partners Trendland.com  Braw Haus and Parlor Gallery, PolyOne curates discerning collections of digital art and brings exciting installations to public venues.

PolyOne’s incubator spaces in Brooklyn and Asbury Park, NJ, are dynamic hubs for collaborations, classes, artists-in-residency programs, and lively NFT/Crypto gatherings.

The PolyOne marketplace lets users exchange mint, hold, authenticate and trade NFTs. Collectors of all levels will seamlessly buy, sell and trade collectibles through the market. The platform will support secondary marketplace transactions and purchases using MetaMask, WalletConnect and Coinbase crypto wallets. NFTs are minted on either the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain, an environmentally friendly, Ethereum-compatible layer two solution.

WHO: With incubator spaces in Brooklyn, New York, and Asbury Park, New Jersey, PolyOne, a new arts & entertainment NFT company, is the first arts and entertainment NFT platform with a Global Mission.

WHAT: PolyOne launch and announcement event. A program over 5 days will include a museum-style exhibit of NFT artwork and a series of educational tutorials on blockchain technology and the economic and social power of NFTs.

WHERE: Erbil, KurdistanIraq. The Citadel.

WHEN: March 20, 21, 22: Nawruz. A New Day. Spring Equinox. PolyOne will offer a series of free workshops in Erbil partnering with KRG, the US Consulate, Erbil Universities, and other public organizations. These free educational NFT workshops will occur March 19 – 20 2022. 

Tutorials Include:

  • Provide a basic overview of web3 (Blockchain, NFT, metaverse)
  • Help people set up reputable wallets on their smartphones.
  • Provide privacy and security tips to keep their wallet safe.
  • Instructions for buying and selling NFT artwork on the PolyOne Platform.
  • Provide case studies on how NFTs have transformed industries such as sports and gaming. 
  • Share resources for connection and community growth through Social Media.

To celebrate the genesis of PolyOne. To tell the story of Erbil, and all of us, from the oldest continually inhabited city on the planet, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the cradle of civilization.

The Main Event
On The Spring Equinox, March 20-22, 2022, PolyOne launches with a live-streamed event from the Historic Citadel of Erbil, KurdistanIraq, the cradle of civilization. On Nawruz, “A New Day,” celebrated for thousands of years by the local Kurdish community around campfires, PolyOne will light up this UNESCO World Heritage site with NFT art. Designated the oldest continually inhabited city on Earth, this modern exhibit projected onto this ancient fortress will be visible from the bustling bazaar below. PolyOne announces a new digital marketplace from this stop along the ancient silk roads of commerce. 

In Sumerian, Erbil was called Urbilum – City of Four Gods. It’s believed that buried beneath the the Citadel are the ruins of the temple of Inana, better known throughout history as Ishtar, Venus and Aphrodite. Goddess of Love and War. And Creation. Viewers will enjoy curated creations from PolyOne’s international roster of artists illuminating this temple’s mud-brick walls. As we find ourselves once more at the crossroads of Love and War, creators stand on this platform for peace, to raise their voices with music and art. Proceeds of PolyOne online ticket sales will benefit refugees of war in Ukraine and Iraq. The exhibition will be public and free of charge.

PolyOne’s launch will feature tickets of the Earth, Sun and Moon and celebrate the remarkable achievement of the Webb Telescope as it peers back in time for the first time in human history to the moment of Cosmic Dawn. PolyOne tells our story. A story of Genesis:

Genesis of our Universe
Genesis of Civilization
Genesis of PolyOne, A Global One Initiative
Genesis of A New Day.

PolyOne’s launch from the citadel wishes Kurdistan and the world a happy and peaceful Noruz.

To learn more about PolyOne, please visit: http://www.polyone.io
Twitter @polyonenft
Instagram @polyonenft
Facebook @polyone
Discord https://discord.gg/6XDrbYz4kh

Media Contact
Adam Nelson
PolyOne, Global Director PR & Marketing
E: [email protected] 



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