Curators and galleries have historically challenged the use of new artistic forms or media in art. It is the same in the world of NFTs today. Although most NFT platforms are volume-focused, galleries and museums have been expressing the concepts through artists employing blockchain technology.

What is the best NFT art on the market now?

The best and most distinctive NFT now is the Ibiza View Club. It was launched in November 2021 and founded by Chrissotino. Just a few days after its mint date, this NFT was already sold out. One of the elements that makes this NFT unique is its modern style of art. Each collection somewhat resembles the art style of the classical artist Edvard Munch.

Chrissotino decided to highlight Ibiza’s charm and beauty and wanted it to become a reminder of the island’s stunning scenery, allowing locals to virtually enjoy a luxurious vacation without paying for an expensive trip.

The NFT was issued and put into circulation for 0.2 ETH. Early backers were granted access to unique goods, tickets, and raffles. Holders will have numerous chances to win raffle prizes, VIP tickets to community events in Ibiza, special access to restaurants, and more.

Additionally, they will give NFT owners the capacity to control independent, decentralized groups (DAO). This implies that owners of NFTs can exercise their right to vote as shareholders, upload and trade them on the market, and engage with other community members.

These NFTs will draw support from a global pantheon of people in both physical and virtual settings and attract investments from the local community.

The Ibiza View Club will also include a store with prints, artwork, high-end clothes, and other unique products offered in shared ownership to provide its members more.

Ibiza View

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