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BENGALURU: The HCG cancer care chain on Thursday launched the country’s first extended reality lab using the innovative Microsoft HoloLens 2 at their cancer hospital in Bengaluru. The mixed reality technology will now enable the ‘avatar’ of doctors to perform complicated surgeries anywhere in the country. 

Dr Ajai Kumar, Executive Chairman, HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd said, “The adoption of Microsoft HoloLens 2 at HCG is a pivotal step towards serving the larger cause of healthcare. The fact that HoloLens allows users to interact with objects projected into their view is a boon for healthcare stakeholders – whether for comprehending medical scenarios, enhancing surgical interventions, or assessing patient conditions.”

HoloLens technology is expected to revolutionise cancer treatment as doctors from Tier-2 cities can now seamleslly work in the guiding light of specialists from metros, thereby enabling every HCG patient to avail of prompt and best-in-class treatment.HoloLens 2, developed along with Microsoft, helps doctors operating on a particular patient to collaborate with surgeons, no matter where they are, and interact on immersive 3-D platforms. 

Explaining the process, Dr Ajai says, “Let us say we have a major surgery in our centre like say in Ranchi, we can’t get the entire team there and patients will have to come to bigger centres for expertise. Now, the ‘avatar’ of the expert doctor will appear there in the Ranchi centre where the team is operating and he can not just see a 3D vision of the entire case but even discuss, instruct, even mark on the patient even though he is not there in the physical form.”

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