2Bros.io has donated a collection of 5,000 Army Bros NFTs to the Ukrainian government. All sales proceeds go directly and verifiably to the government’s official crypto wallet. This first-of-a-kind NFT donation could raise in excess of $1 million.

ZUG, Switzerland, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Two gym bros have created and gifted a collection of 5,000 NFTs to the Ukrainian government. These NFTs, which depict Ukrainian army soldiers, are now on sale on OpenSea.io under a collection titled “Army Bros Ukraine“.

Stéphane, co-creator of the collection, expects that “this NFT sale could raise in excess of $1 million for Ukraine“. Harrison added that he was “proud to step up and help in his own way”.

When the war broke out, Stéphane and Harrison, two friends with roots in the UK, were moved by the horror unfolding in Ukraine. They decided to make a difference through their passion for crypto and NFTs. Harrison put his creative talent to work, and Stéphane turned the artwork into an NFT collection just released on OpenSea.io.

Stéphane then gifted the collection to the Ukrainian government’s official Ethereum wallet. This means that any sales proceeds will go directly and verifiably to the Ukrainian government, without intermediaries or third parties. The smart contract behind the NFT collection is publicly available on Polygonscan.com at this address: 0xce9289a0d5af57ebEEc68aA8dCb1791cE71adE62

Those looking to buy an NFT will need Ethereum in their crypto wallet. OpenSea.io supports a wide range of wallets, including Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask.io. Those looking to buy Ethereum can do so from their preferred crypto exchange, or use a comparison service like CryptoBuyer.com to find exchanges available in their country.


Stéphane and Harrison are two friends with a passion for crypto, NFTs and bodybuilding. Stéphane is the “tech guy” behind the NFTs’ smart contract, and Harrison is the “creative guy” with a flair for design. When the war broke out, they decided to put their talents to good use by donating 5,000 NFTs to Ukraine. Follow their fund-raising effort on 2Bros.io.


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