Las Vegas, NV, Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FadedArcade is an unique NFT initiative that allows NFT holders to be stakeholder in a retro game studio. 

FadedArcade is a game studio that has already developed a Game Metaverse called SunnyVale Pixelverse with 10 playable games already.

It’s a multidimensional mash-up fantasy extravaganza. 

All these games are styled on the winning Arcade Classics from the past, but with the latest game dev techniques.

All the games are Pixel Art and Retro Gaming inspired, the type of games that has never been so popular.

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About the Collection

They are designed as Arcade machine access tokens: only token holders get access to the already existing gaming metaverse.

With 4 different rarities: PIxel Purple, Gamer Gold, Shoot ‘em Up Silver and Battling Bronze.

About the FadedArcade Game Studio

In general there is a double goal behind the studio: 

As a real life game company we want to create business value by monetizing the ever expanding list of games towards loved brands, these are eager to jump on the train of pixelated games & Metaverse games.

Any of FadedArcade games can easily be rebranded to let’s say “Mainstream Brand Name + Game Name”. The team behind the studio has +20 years experience in working with loved brands & this remains a hot topic to grow their customer loyalty.

We want to share the revenues of this monetization with the community of NFT holders.

The profits from the NFT collection go into the development of new games, so it’s a story of more & more ‘stakeholder value’ over time: more games, more clients, more revenue, stakeholder value goes up.

They also get full access to the games & gaming metaverse.

About Unbeatable Utilities

On the other side we want to create NFT holders value with unbeatable utilities:

10% Profit Pool Rewards from the Game Studio

By minting your NFT right now you’ll be joining the exclusive Faded Arcade Founding Members VIP Club. We’re giving back 10% of the royalties during the next 12 months. Only available to original minters! You can see the Claim Royalties button on this page, and once a month, you will be able to withdraw your royalties (even if you’ve resold your NFT). The more NFTs you mint the higher your share of the royalties will be (if you have 10 NFTs, you’ll earn 10 times more compared to minting 1 NFT, each and every month)

Multiple Income Streams

As a NFT investor and collector, your goal is to see your investment quickly prosper. Faded Arcade has a double income stream mechanism built-in: you get your share of the Royalties and you also get a free NFT in Phase 2 (see below). We’ll also have fun and rewarding gaming contests.

Voting Rights

As a stakeholder in our Studio, you will also be able to suggest ideas, new games and vote on proposals. We’re building a community of NFT and retro game enthusiasts and you will have voting rights to influence the future of the Studio.

Buy One – Get One

For each NFT you own you will get a free mint pass to Phase 2 of Faded Arcade ‘A New Rival In Town’: 10 Rival Games + 3 Mystery Games & bonuses, Pixelverse expansion with Blonnell’s Ghost Train grand opening, Candy’s Roller Disco nights, and more content in Ted’s Sounds store and Mega Movies

Floor Price Booster

With popularity and exposure of the Faded Arcade brand, we’ll help mainstream brands enter the metaverse by co-branding iconic revisited games they will be able to use in their marketing activities. This will give huge media and press exposure for the Faded Arcade Studio, which will in turn create a higher demand for NFTs you will be holding, thus increasing its market price also called floor price.

Access 10 Games in Our Pixelverse

Mint today and get instant access to 10 exclusive games developed by our genius game dev coming straight from the 80s. Enjoy the Faded Arcade digital experience right away. You can see a demo of all 10 games above

Access Sunnyvale Pixelverse

We’ve created a Pixelverse called Sunnyvale where your NFT will act as a pass to access the games but also fun areas such as Ted’s Sounds music store with MTV style music videos, Mega Movies – VHS – like watchables, the merch store, and the abandoned Metro Station…

Mystery & Bonus Games

Show your gaming skills and win access to the mystery Megalopolis bonus game. Plus get access to our Resto-Mod gaming versions of iconic classics such as Space Invaders, Pong, and the brand new Ball Buster

100% Utility Based

When you mint your Faded Arcade NFTs you’ll get instant access to our existing PixelVerse and enjoy all the above benefits (yep, we don’t need any hypothetical roadmap). Faded Arcade is 100% Utility based, 100% ready and that’s how your NFT value will skyrocket. Secure your spot by clicking one of the Whitelist buttons on this page.

The Team Behind the FadedArcade

PixelVerse Games, the studio behind it, is distributed globally with main offices in Switzerland, the UK and the US.

The core team of 16 pioneers are game developers, graphic designers, web 3 entrepreneurs, with a passion for retrowave and resto-mod gaming and all things 80’s (the coolest decade) 

The development team started game creation on VIC 20’s and Commodore 64’s, fueled by Wham bars & Tizer in their bedrooms back in 1985 and have since gone on to take over the world of resto-mod gaming.  

The Launch

The minting launch is set for July 29th.
Preceded by community building, social contests, VIP whitelist & more.





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