Defected Records, famed for its cutting edge audience engagement and innovation, reaches a new digital milestone this week experimenting with its first NFT. The Proof of Attendance (POAP) NFT will be mintable free of charge to all those who attend this year’s sixth instalment of the label’s annual Defected Croatia festival.

Constantly evolving to give its growing community the best possible digital experience, the venture will see the label utilise POAPs as a way to kickstart its Web3 journey. The first festival in the world to ever use IYK NFT Discs, attendees of Defected Croatia will just need to scan their smartphones on IYK’s circular touch pads located around the site to access their free NFT. POAPs are minted on an ethereum sidechain, which provides an environmentally friendly NFT solution, and the ability to provide fans a digital souvenir for free. 

“We are delighted to launch our first, free POAP NFT for attendees of Defected Croatia.

Each year, our Defected Croatia festival is arguably the highlight of our season, bringing together fans from across the world. As we continue to design our WEB3 roadmap, we believe this flagship event is a perfect opportunity to launch our NFTs. We hope our fans will take the first step with us and trust in the future benefits that will prevail. As a business, Defected has always been present in both physical and digital markets. With the development and rapid evolution of WEB3, it’s important that we begin our strategy in this space with such a landmark occasion as Defected Croatia.

No doubt, we will be looking at the rise of new social platforms, immersive experiences, and marketplaces as we add yet another layer of D2C dialogue between ourselves and our community”. – Wez Saunders, MD Defected Records.


POAPs have risen in prominence as a way for individuals and brands to distribute NFTs at IRL and URL events. Designed as digital proofs of attendance, in a similar way to lanyards, ticket stubs and instagram posts, POAPs are quickly becoming an important part of consumer’s Web3 identity. The potential of POAPs is expanding as token holders can be offered future utility, access, discounts and other perks. 




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