MIAMI, April 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — David Klein, a lifelong entrepreneur and inventor of Jelly Belly jelly beans, had a dream to enter the Metaverse. Finding himself with more business ideas than time, David wanted to experiment with an idea, bring four strangers together, fund a company, and let them run wild with their creative ideas. David did just that, handpicking four individuals from countless qualified applicants to create a new Metaverse startup business. David funded the company and planted the seed, investing in the Metaverse.  Meta-g, Inc. was born. 

David Klein chose Scott Maples, an entrepreneur and crypto/NFT enthusiast from Missouri; Angela Sorrell, MBA/MKT, from California; Jenna Schwoyer, an accountant from Pennsylvania; and Derek Wienert, a software developer from Florida.

What is Meta-g, Inc.’s first project? Virtual Jelly Beans, of course

Meta-g, Inc. quickly went to work brainstorming creative ways not just to enter the Metaverse/digital space but to make an immediate impact in the space. Meta-g, Inc. decided to start with David’s first love: Jelly Beans. To honor David Klein’s contributions to the candy industry and his lifelong generosity and compassion, Meta-g plans to create 10,000 unique Jellyz NFT characters with revolutionary utility and mechanics behind this innovative NFT project.  

Each one of the original 10,000 Jellyz that will be minted is unique and based on David Klein’s eight original Jelly Bean flavors: Cherry, Tangerine, Grape, Green Apple, Cream Soda, Root Beer, Licorice, and Lemon. Each character has at least seven asset classes and is randomly generated using a revolutionary DNA algorithm using over 400+ different assets. Jellyz aims to bring a wide range of NFT utility to the project, including fractionalized ownership, staking, breeding, leveling, evolution, passive rewards, revolutionary burn mechanics, a charity DOA, a launchpad DOA, 100% transparent and doxxed company structure, and more.  

Meta-g, Inc. will be attending three conferences during NFT Week in Miami, scheduled for the first week of April. Scott Maples, President/CEO of Meta-g, Inc., will join well-known NFT community leaders to be a part of several panels. Scott will also be a keynote speaker at two separate conferences during NFT Week Miami.  

The Jellyz NFT Project is primed to be one of the top NFT releases of 2022 and has an extensive roadmap outlining each step of the way from creation to eventual implementation into the Metaverse.  

The whitelist is now open and the presale is scheduled for late Spring 2022. The only way to score a Jellyz during the presale is to get on the whitelist by joining the Jellyz Discord:  

For interviews:  
Scott Maples 
[email protected]

**Disclaimer: Mr. Klein is no longer with, nor does he have any relationship to, the current Jelly Belly candy company, which is not involved in this project.

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Image 1: David Klein, Inventor of Jelly Belly jelly beans

David Klein, Inventor of Jelly Belly jelly beans

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