March 4: BeinCrypto spoke to Julien van Dorland, digital artist, and avid non-fungible token (NFT) art collector, about his work, his collections, and the NFT space as a whole.

Van Dorland is a digital artist, an NFT art collector, and founder of Arvable, a digital agency helping artists explore the metaverse and NFTs. Completely immersed in the NFT space, van Dorland is the perfect example of what the future holds when it comes to creating the metaverse. With involvement in almost all elements of the NFT value chain, van Dorland is at the center of this still-growing space.

Entering the NFT game young

At only 20-years-old Julien is already an impressive NFT art collector and artist. However, the art came before the NFT boom. “I started in 2014, creating motion design myself. I’m an artist and a digital creator, but also an NFT collector. I started it in 2014 grading motion design, graphic design. I was 14-years-old at that time,” he explains.

Unlike many who have come to NFTs, van Dorland hadn’t been involved in cryptocurrencies until this point. “I started collecting on Nifty Gateway. [It’s] easy to start with because you pay with a credit card. That was really the decision to jump on it, and I didn’t really use crypto before. So, the NFT space made me use crypto, and that was really interesting,” he explains.

Modern day art collectors
This introduction to art collecting from a young age is novel, as the traditional art world has a significant monetary barrier to entry. However, Van Dorland and his 18-year-old brother now have a joint collection on Nifty Gateway that holds pieces from some of the biggest names in the NFT art world. These include works by Pak and Fvckrender.

However, while these are impressively priced pieces, van Dorland had a pretty steep learning curve when it came to the value of these emerging artists. Discussing a Beeple piece, he explains how he sold the artwork well before it had even reached its peak. “We just purchased one for $1, and we were jumping around when we sold it for $1900. It was a lot of money at the time [but] we had no idea what was going on in this NFT space.”

Much of this community is built on Discord rather than the previous hub on Instagram. These channels serve as a bonus to the art collectors buy, granting them access to the artist. “When you own an NFT from them, you can receive or verify your ownership through a bot, a tool on an insider community that they can verify that you own something, and then you get access to like a secret channel, and the artists,” he explains.

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