NICOSIA, Cyprus–()–An online gambling expert, BSPOON HOLDING LTD. announced that it has launched SPOONER NFT by combining utility NFT and online gamble service.

Utility NFT, which is referred to as NFT 2.0, is the most notable NFT as of late following the existing ART NFT and P2E GAME NFT. Utility NFT can give access rights to products and experiences and preferential right to airdrop. It not only provides economic benefits to users but also can be used in various areas, such as for an event to invite celebrities and athletes.

SPOONER NFT, which has been issued by a total of 11,584 in five classes based on ERC-1155, an Ethereum blockchain with guaranteed safety, ranges from 0.2 ETH to 100 ETH according to class. NFT holders receive dividends on the revenues of BETTINGSPOON.COM depending on their ownership scales.

SPOONER NFT project in the new Own-2-Earn format rather than Play-2-Earn has been gaining explosive popularity since its launch. Having attracted more than 20,000 Twitter followers and 20,000 Discord members in only one week, the project is currently holding a whitelist event that gives a discount benefit for minting on 16th March.

SPOONER NFT project team, which consists of members with at least ten-year experience in the online gamble industry, will release online gamble games one by one from April 2022 and grand open BETTINGSPOON.COM service in July.

This magnificent project is aimed at changing the gamble industry ecosystem by enabling users to own NFTs and enjoy the fun of gambling while obtaining passive income using the tokens. In addition, NFT holders are given opportunities for additional NFT airdrop and can enjoy various benefits when using the gambling service.

BSPOON HOLDING LTD. CEO Steven J. said, “Gambling is entering the metaverse and online gamble services are evolving into a form to be combined with NFTs. In particular, projects combining utility NFT and gambling industry are being initiated, changing the closed gamble industry ecosystem.”

Detailed information about the project can be found below.

– Website:

– Whitepaper:

– Twitter: @spooner_nft

– Discord:

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