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Are you looking for the best AI art generator? Well, choosing one might be a difficult and important task. The good news is that you have landed in the perfect place to find the solution. If you want your AI art generator to create something unique, distinctive, and worthy of display in a professional setting, then you need to find the top AI image generator tool.

All the best artificial intelligence image generation tools, from those most known for making NFTs to those that will put the cherry on top of your selfies, are gathered in this article for you. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive into the world of AI art generators that will help you create works that will make even the most accomplished illustrators green with envy.

Best AI art generators in 2023

In 2022, AI became a major topic online, and it looks like it won’t be going away anytime soon. The most recent developments in AI art generation make it possible to generate lifelike graphics from text. It doesn’t require your technical or artistic ability to accomplish this. Use a web-based AI art generator instead, feeding it some text and getting a mind-blowing picture in return. This is a great bargain, right?

What is the best AI art generator? Check out what is DALL-E 2, Jasper Art AI, Lensa AI, Dream by Wombo, NightCafe AI, and more
Best AI art generators for NFTs, selfies, and more

The term “artificial intelligence” has the potential to strike fear into the hearts of some, and we get them. Because of that, we have created a detailed AI glossary for the most commonly used artificial intelligence terms and explain the basics of artificial intelligence as well as the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence. Check out if you need it.

If you are already brave enough, let’s start our list with the most famous one.


One of the best AI art generators on our list is DALL-E 2, which OpenAI developed and started to AI image generation craze. The AI can produce remarkably realistic images in a matter of minutes.

The second version of DALL-E shows extremely promising results. OpenAI claims the platform may be used to create things, generate images, and develop creative business strategies.

DALL-E 2’s intuitive design allows anyone to create stunning AI-based artwork. Therefore, both amateur and professional artists can benefit from using the DALL-E 2.

One of its finest features is the DALL-E 2 paintbrush, which can be used to modify an image’s lighting, color, and other aspects. Brushes and other graphic design software allow users to build elaborate images out of several stacked layers, each of which can have its own set of characteristics.

Notable advancements in DALL-E 2 include the following:

  • In a matter of minutes, you can make extremely lifelike images.
  • You have the ability to draw pictures.
  • One of its selling points is its simple interface.
  • Multiple image layers are accessible for editing.

Check out our DALL-E 2 guide for detailed information.

Jasper Art AI

Jasper Art is a free, artificial intelligence-driven art generator that lets users make their own digital works of art from scratch. The company uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence painting technology to quickly develop a wide range of styles that are fun to play around with.

You may need to be creative with your prompt wording in order to create anything that makes sense, given that this is an AI art generator, and the results can be unexpected.

Create digital works of art fast and easily with the help of Jasper Art, an AI art generator with a user-friendly interface. Along with its artistic capabilities, Jasper also features an AI writing assistant that can help you with your blog posts, social media updates, and anything else you need to get written. After signing up with Jasper Art, you’ll get instant access to its image-making tools. In this modern era, creating digital art has never been more accessible or faster.

You may create anything from photorealism to cartoonishness and beyond with the help of Jasper Art, an advanced AI art generator. The Jasper Art tool only requires you to fill in some words before it produces completely custom artwork.

Jasper Art makes exploring new techniques and methods easy, allowing you to quickly and easily create works that are truly your own.

Important features:

  • Makes use of AI to produce original visuals in response to user input.
  • You can choose from a number of different languages. Thus, visuals in languages other than English can be made.
  • If you have any questions or run into any trouble while using the software, you can use a support chat for assistance.
  • Artwork can also be generated using Jasper by making use of copywriting templates.

Lensa AI

The Lensa AI selfie generator app is a photo editor that uses artificial intelligence to generate humorous and shareable “magic avatars” and do other photo editing tasks, such as erasing unwanted backgrounds. It is one of the best AI art generators for selfies.

What is the best AI art generator? Check out what is DALL-E 2, Jasper Art AI, Lensa AI, Dream by Wombo, NightCafe AI, and more
Best AI art generators: Image courtesy (Lensa AI)

What is the best app for editing photos? Lensa AI has been available since 2018, but the release of its “magic avatars” feature in late November sent it to the top of the “Photo & Video” charts on the iOS App Store, which is notoriously competitive. At that time, YouTube was the most popular social media platform, while Instagram ranked fourth.

Do you want more detail? we have already explained Lensa AI; check it out.

Dream by Wombo

WOMBO Dream, created by the Canadian firm WOMBO, is an artificial intelligence (AI) NFT-generating program. A lot of people think it’s the best program out there for making NFTs.

What is the best AI art generator? Check out what is DALL-E 2, Jasper Art AI, Lensa AI, Dream by Wombo, NightCafe AI, and more
Best AI art generators

Using a sophisticated algorithm, Wombo Dream can take pre-existing images and use them to make cartoons or imitation paintings based on the words and phrases you provide. This program allows you to create a scene in various futuristic landscapes or artistic styles. Wombo Dream is one of our favorite the best AI art generators out there.

Some distinguishing features of WOMBO Dream are as follows.

  • It offers fresh perspectives on design.
  • NFTs can be made with this program.
  • Photographs may be used to make cartoons.
  • There is a wide range of creative options available.

Check out our WOMBO Dream guide for detailed information.

NightCafe AI

NightCafe is well recognized as a leading provider of AI art generators. It’s known for being beginner-friendly yet packing more features and algorithms than competing generators. The currency of NightCafe is credits. Credits can be purchased. However, there are many ways to “earn” them through volunteer work and a generous free tier. It is one of the best AI art generators.

What is the best AI art generator? Check out what is DALL-E 2, Jasper Art AI, Lensa AI, Dream by Wombo, NightCafe AI, and more
Best AI art generators: “Man walking on mars” is the prompt that we use to generate this image

Some defining features of NightCafe include the following:

  • There are more algorithms in it than in most other generators.
  • For power users, you offer a wide range of customization choices.
  • Community service hours can be counted toward graduation requirements.
  • There are many opportunities for social interaction, and the community is active and welcoming.
  • Grouping similar pieces together into collections is a handy way to keep track of your creations.
  • All of your pictures will be downloaded simultaneously.
  • The making of movies is within your purview.
  • It’s possible to get your hands on some prints of your work.
  • NightCafé is distinguished from its competitors by its wealth of extra features.

Check out our NightCafe AI guide for detailed information.

Stable Diffusion AI

Stability AI released the open-source artificial intelligence art generator Stable Diffusion on August 22. The language model for Stable Diffusion is a transformer, and it is implemented in Python.

Stable Diffusion is an open-source image synthesis approach that allows anyone with a PC and a powerful GPU to create nearly any visual reality. It can mimic almost any visual style if given enough information, and the results will appear on your computer as if by magic. It’s one of the best free AI art producers, and it’s really popular.

Check out our Stable Diffusion AI guide for detailed information.


Midjourney’s high-quality images and unique artistic flair have made it a popular AI text-to-image generator. The program takes user input via Discord bot commands and then makes an image based on the words entered. It is one of the best AI art generators.

Users can create crisp, eye-catching photos with a post-apocalyptic or eerie feel. One user’s Midjourney-generated artwork even took first place in an art competition. After you’ve mastered it, Midjourney’s AI generator will produce stunning and thought-provoking images on a continuous basis.

Beyond the free tier of 25 photos, there are three paid tiers: $10/month for 200 photos, $30/month for limitless photos, and $600/year for commercial membership. Unless they are commercialized, the illustrations made with Midjourney belong to the user.

Check out our Mid journey guide for detailed information.


When it comes to creating NFT art, Fotor is a powerful and user-friendly AI tool. Using its advanced AI tools, you can quickly and easily create art. To use Fotor, upload a photo and select a filter to transform it into a work of art. It’s also simple to build layers and customize the image to your liking. No sign-up or file downloading is necessary to use Fotor’s basic interface.

In summary, it’s a fantastic program for quickly and easily creating NFT artwork.

If you’re interested in creating NFT art, Fotor is a powerful AI application that offers a wide range of features, including:

  • The quick and effective creation of NFT artwork.
  • A simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Formats and customization options that can be used.
  • There are zero requirements for creating an account.

Deep Dream Generator

If you’re looking for yet another best AI art generator tool, go no further than Deep Dream Generation. Using this program, you may give a simple image the look of dozens of different painting styles. You can earn 15 credits for signing up and 20 for showing up on time. If so, every hour, you’ll get three free credits.

What is the best AI art generator? Check out what is DALL-E 2, Jasper Art AI, Lensa AI, Dream by Wombo, NightCafe AI, and more
Best free AI art generators: Image courtesy (Deep Dream Generation)

Many other methods exist to acquire extra credit. A generation can cost between three and five credits depending on its size. You can also change the enhancement, boost, style weight, style scale, and colors in addition to the size and art style. Any photo can be turned into a work of art that can be downloaded afterward.


Popular AI art generator Artbreeder uses machine learning to automatically enhance photographs and automatically create new variations on a theme. You may use Artbreeder to make landscapes, anime characters, and portraits, among other things.

Other alternatives include making still images into moving cartoons and adjusting facial features like skin color, hairstyle, and eye color. You can save your completed artwork as a JPG or PNG from Artbreeder’s extensive library of illustrations, which are conveniently arranged in folders for easy access.

Artbreeder is a powerful AI art generator with many customization possibilities.

Some distinguishing features of Artbreeder are as follows:

  • Improved image quality
  • Make several copies of a single picture.
  • Anime characters, portraits, and landscapes.
  • Create folders and share the pictures.
  • Images can be saved in JPG or PNG format.

Runway ML

Runway ML provides a convenient platform to train and deploy ML models for picture generation. Lastly, we present the best free AI art generator there is. This software can create models with animations and 3D models in a wide range of realistic aesthetic styles.

Also, Runway ML has a video editor that lets you swap out the background video with a different one. The application’s ability to deduce your intentions from relative motion analysis and its built-in object identification make distinguishing objects in images and videos simple.

The main functions of Runway ML include project collaboration, realistic photo generation, animation, and 3D model creation, video editing, and relative motion analysis.

MyHeritage AI Time Machine

MyHeritage has introduced an entertaining new tool called the MyHeritage AI Time Machine, which employs artificial intelligence (AI) to create fictitious depictions of a person’s appearance had they lived throughout different time periods. Using MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine, you can rapidly transform your image into that of an astronaut, a 19th-century aristocrat, a medieval knight, or an Egyptian pharaoh.

What is the best AI art generator? Check out what is DALL-E 2, Jasper Art AI, Lensa AI, Dream by Wombo, NightCafe AI, and more
Best AI art generator: MyHeritage Founder and CEO Gilad Japhet as an Egyptian pharaoh (Image courtesy of MyHeritage)

Check out our MyHeritage AI Time Machine guide for detailed information.

Dawn AI

Dawn AI, an app that uses artificial intelligence to create works of art, is the newest addition to a category of products that combines technology and the visual arts.

Dawn AI’s simple interface makes it easy to generate high-quality photographs using artificial intelligence, but that’s not all it can do. If you’re having problems coming up with an idea to create an image with this app, you can always look to the community feeds for some motivation.

@dawnaiappApp name is Dawn AI 🥰 #trend #dawnai

Check out the Dawn AI guide for detailed information.

Reface App

To make it easier to create deep fakes on mobile devices, the innovative software Reface (formerly Doublicat) was developed.

Combine your most recent footage into a cohesive whole, and then superimpose your face, or that of a buddy, over various pre-rendered backgrounds. Reface is a popular program that has been used to change the faces of several celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Elon Musk. Using the trendy AI avatar idea, the program has only started implementing it. You may now make an artificial intelligence avatar and have a “cool” profile picture.

Bonus: Google Muse AI

It is not released yet, but it claims it is better than DALL-2. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

According to Google, Google Muse AI is a vast improvement above previous text-to-image transformer models like Imagen and DALL-E 2. A huge language model is pre-trained, and then Muse is trained on a masked modeling job in discrete token space (LLM).

What is the best AI art generator? Check out what is DALL-E 2, Jasper Art AI, Lensa AI, Dream by Wombo, NightCafe AI, and more
Best AI art generators: Image courtesy (MUSE)

We have already explained what Google Muse AI is; check it out!

Other AI tools we have reviewed

We have already explained some of the best AI tools, such as:

Do you know there are also AI art robots? Take a closer look at Ai-Da.

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