Bella Hadid has launched an NFT project, and the good news is she’s keeping her clothes on, kind of. When a celebrity releases an NFT our minds hurtle back to Madonna’s earth goddess vagina, but luckily the CY-B3LLA NFT is a little more classy, artistic, and, frankly,… it’s pretty good.

NFTs are the way of registering a digital file on a blockchain to secure it and create rarity – there can only be one true version. Many artists and celebrities have tried to launch NFTs, some we love, such as Takashi Murakami’s Flowers while others, like Madonna’s collaboration with Beeple, just confused. NFTs aren’t the preserve of the rich and famous, try it for yourself by reading our guide: how to make and sell an NFT.

Bella Hadid’s CY-B3LLA NFT (opens in new tab) project falls into the camp of ‘ones we love’. This is a collection of 11,111 NFTs spread across 10 real-world regions, creating artwork with unique ‘geo-based attributes’. From now through to September 1,111 NFTs will be released in 10 different countries of the world, each will have unique aesthetics to that place, created by local artists to that region.

Line art for the Bella Hadid, CY-B3LLA, NFT

A rare version of each regions CY-B3LLA NFT will be rendered in mono-colour – we love these (Image credit: Bella Hadid / CY-B3LLA)

The first set has launched in Japan, so we get Bella Hadid transformed into a cyborg as the main trait, with secondary traits inspired by manga, minimalism and Shibari – a traditional form of restraining captives, that looks a little bondage-y for our liking.

A neat artistic twist comes from the use of mono-colour. Some rare CY-B3LLA NFTs will be presented as simple mono-tone illustrations to showcase the artist’s line art and style. For example, the Japanese-released CY-B3LLA NFTs will only be in white, Sakura pink and red (pictured above).

Bella Hadid is scanned for an NFT

Bella Hadid has been 3D scanned to create the art for her new NFT project (Image credit: Bella Hadid / CY-B3LLA)

Bella Hadid has been 3D scanned at 4K to create the art for the CY-B3LLA NFT. As well as artists from across the globe the model has tapped into her contacts list to bring a bit of glamour to the project – ’90s loving makeup artist  Raisa (Rai) Flowers and hairstylist to music stars Grimes and Dua Lipa, Evanie Frausto, are both involved.

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