Asmongold brands ongoing cryptoNFT trend ‘dumber than astrology

During a recent livestream, Zack “Asmongold” broke into a mini-rant on how dumb he thought NFTs and cryptocurrency trends are. While watching a video talking about NFTs, he paused, and compared the NFT trend to Astrology.

According to the streamer, Thanks to NFTs and cryptocurrency, men don’t have that anymore. He lights the community up in the clip, his chat praising his take on the whole situation.

“The one thing we had over women is that we could make fun of the Astrology s**t. And we managed to come up with something even dumber than that. We managed to come up with something even stupider than Astrology with this horses**t.”

Asmongold says NFTs are even dumber than Astrology

While watching a video about NFTs, the streamer talked about how stupid the whole craze was, and he did not mince any words about NFTs just in general. The video was talking about an upcoming Netmarble Games that will utilize the metaverse and NFTs, and so Asmongold spoke about the NFT craze.

The shot at Astrology was likely just to say that Astrology has no effect on people’s lives, but it’s often discussed and has mean ascribed to it.

He spoke about how the cryptocurrency market was male-dominated:

“You know what’s really fucking upsetting about this? A lot of people in the cryptocurrency, it’s guys right? It’s mainly guys in the space.”

Asmongold pointed out that just because something is rare, or few were printed, does not in any way make it valuable. When asked about there being a demand for NFTs, Asmongold said there isn’t one. People aren’t after these NFTs to own them at all.

The streamer spoke about how people bought NFTs just so they could find someone who would buy it off them for a higher price.

Asmongold’s chat overwhelmingly supported his take and agreed that NFTs are a scam, but not everyone feels the same way about them. It’s a discussion that firmly divides the internet as a whole.

Redditors react to Asmongold’s take on digital currency and NFTs

The streamer’s comments have, unsurprisingly, started a debate on Reddit. Since there are people that favor one side over the other, it seems like the conversation did not start well, since a couple of comments have been deleted by the moderator. With the issue still fresh, more comments are expected to roll in overtime.

One Redditor spoke about this as well, not sure why people complained about NFTs at all with their reasonable argument. They compared it to a player’s Blizzard account where the user doesn’t actually own anything on it.

The internet is divided on NFTs and cryptocurrency

NFTs and cryptocurrency are a topic that nearly everyone has an opinion on. Some feel like they are an investment, a collectible worth owning, while others say NFTs are terrible for the environment and are nothing but money laundering scams for those who are already wealthy.

Twitter certainly had opinions one way or another.

The positives of NFTs

Some feel they have good reasons to own NFTs, and that they made sense to have, as an investment.

In many cases my NFT purchases are for investment purpose, but this holds a certain meaning to me to keep for good )) #doge #NFTs

Others simply liked having them, without much of an explanation.

NFTs are booming again. Feels good 😎

There are users on social media who also see hope that communities could benefit and help each other, through the use of NFTs and crypto.

This is why my project is called Ohana #nfts because I love family and friends and and love helping people and that’s why I want my project to be a community project where we can help one another 💗 ❤️ #nft #community #family

Many celebrities have gotten into the act recently, like Brie Larson, which has caused its own internet buzz. Some people like NFTs simply because they seem like a fun challenge to acquire them.

I love and support @brielarson.But I don’t like people making such a huge deal outta her NFT tweet.Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon supported NFTs too.So why can’t Brie?Also this NFT stuff looks like a fun Internet challenge and celebs are getting into it for fun.

Despite the environmental concerns, some NFT minters claimed their systems consume far less energy and don’t harm the environment.

🟢#OneOf operates on the #Tezos blockchain, taking advantage of its incredible efficiency to create NFTs with significantly less energy consumption and environmental impact than other platforms.💡Learn more about what it means to be #BuiltOnTezos 👉

Why are NFTs seen as bad?

One thought on the internet is that NFTs were simply good for nothing.

Others liken it to skin gambling/purchasing in other games, and that’s how they could tell it’s not a pleasant scene to be involved in.

I joined an NFT game server on Discord a couple days ago out of journalistic curiosity and this is what my DMs look like now

Other than the environmental impacts of cryptocurrency, another major negative is how much art gets stolen and used for NFTs.

The fact that so many NFTs are proving to be stolen art is the ultimate proof that the whole concept is worthless.If you can’t trust the art you’re buying to not be stolen art and you risk a lawsuit by buying it…what is even the fucking point?

It’s astounding how many NFTs are stolen art given how the main “selling point” of NFTs is the idea of ownership.

@gumroad @radio_chio Nfts are a scam, and horrible for artists, who regularly have their art STOLEN and made into nfts without their consent. Read the room, for the love of god.

There are certainly arguments to be had on both sides of the NFT discussion, but as far as Asmongold is concerned, it’s incredibly dumb and serves no purpose other than to scam people.

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