Since inception, the 10,000 NFT collection has been built with true utility for sustainability.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2022 / — The creators of an exciting new Cyberpunk-themed NFT, OneAndZero, are announcing the upcoming launch of this game-changing project.

OneAndZero is an artistic Cyberpunk-themed NFT project with five different characters (2,000 of each) to create a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Each design is hand-drawn with tremendous quality, including a full body, various traits, and a complete character. Holders will have the ability to crop just the top part of their character for a PFP, or to use the full body character as a wallpaper for any smartphone. Not only that, but the project is heavily focused on bringing sustainability to everyone who mines and holds a team of OneAndZero (two OneAndZeros can form a team).

“Our goal is to disrupt the NFT space by bringing true utility for sustainability and hold to earn,” says CEO and Founder of OneAndZero, Albert Fernandez. “We believe our NFT is unique in the fact that it provides true utility, backed by a Bitcoin mining facility, that will be built by the community. In fact, 75% of the funds generated from the mint will be used to either fully build a facility, or co-host depending on which way the community votes.”

“The BTC that is generated from our facility (minus overhead) will be placed in our community wallet and we can vote on what we should do with it,” Fernandez continues. “Community to us means everything so, as a self-sustainable NFT project, we can choose to donate monthly to a worthy cause, we can expand our mining equipment to generate more BTC, or build out more utility to reward our holders.”

The project’s mint process will be a mix of Whitelist, Gamefied, and a Play-to-Earn Rewards System. OneAndZero’s team aims to collaborate with a few select communities who understand and value sustainability and how it allows them to expand upon the project and reward the holders. In time, the project also hopes to add additional features, including building a spytool for NFTs, premium lifetime access to the spytool, opening a chat with video share for holders, Meta Yield, and much more.

OneAndZero will be launching at a cost of .08 ETH, with the official date yet to be determined.

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About OneAndZero

OneAndZero was founded by CEO, Albert Fernandez, an American-born and raised Floridian who comes from an e-commerce background. In 2014, Albert started mining and rapidly became a crypto enthusiast before starting a business to market and build out e-commerce brands in 2015.

The aim of OneAndZero is to disrupt the norm in the NFT space by providing a truly sustainable NFT ecosystem backed by a Bitcoin Mining Facility. All of the company’s partners have been working online for the past seven years and have built multiple seven-figure e-commerce brands utilizing paid advertisements.

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