Arvin Khamseh, Director of, was recently featured on USA Today and as a top NFT marketer.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2022 / — is pleased to announce the launch of its new platform that was developed specifically to help NFT brands sell out and increase floor prices. Founder Arvin Khamseh, recently featured on USA Today and as a top NFT marketer, says he is available to go on shows and podcasts to talk about the hundreds of NFT projects he’s worked on in the past.

“We are scheduled to participate in 68 podcasts over the next few months to talk about how NFT brands can sell out in four to six weeks,” says Khamseh. “For anyone interesting in learning our secrets, I advise you to tune in!”

Khamseh has earned himself quite a reputation in his field. Having worked with public companies and fortune 500 companies, he has managed ad budgets of over 500K per month, quite a rare feat in this market. Renowned as the top-ranking person with regards to reviews, number of clients, and amount of revenue generated for himself and his clients, Khamseh is also an agency partner with Reddit, Quora and Twitter and Meta.

Having worked with over 300 clients so far, Khamseh explains that he gets to deal with brands on a large volume.

“The advantage of this is that every single brand has its own findings based on where they are geographically located,” he says.

Khamseh has quite a number of interesting success stories to relate. One such story involves the Sand Vegas Casino Club, which was banned from all social media platforms because of being a casino.

“They started on December 12th, and wanted to sell out 11111 art works at a price point of $266.49 by December 27th. I didn’t have a partnership with Quora, Twitter or Reddit at the time, so I ended up doing a lot of trial and error to let people get the message that it’s a casino without putting any trigger words into the ads, so as not to get banned. Ultimately, we did get banned from a few platforms again, but the ones that remained allowed us to sell out in 20 hours on the public sale date, December 27th.”

Additionally, Khamseh’s client Women of Crypto hit number 1 on icy. Tools trending and number one on OpenSea’s trending, while making the top 40 on OpenSea’s ranking.

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About the Company

Launched in November 2021, Soldout NFTs is on a mission to help NFT brands sell out and increase their floor prices. The company offers a unique NFT marketing strategy with a wide range of service options to suit different budgets, timeframes, and goals. Having worked with 400 NFT brands since its inception, sold-out projects include Froggos (sold out in 7 minutes), Sand Vegas Casino Club (20 hours) and Women of Crypto (1 hour).

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